Blade Runner

Chew's Eyeworks Interior :: For this project, done as a contractor to Mondo Media, I had to make the break with comfortable but aging 3D Studio R4 (DOS) and learn new, exciting and buggy 3D Studio MAX R1.0 as I went. I did everything in the image except for the animated steam, which was reused from another artist's scene.

PROJECT: Created interior of "Chew's Eyeworks" for Westwood Studios' Blade Runner CD-ROM game.

"Eyes! I only do eyes!"

SOFTWARE: 3D Studio MAX, Photoshop, Premiere

SCOPE: Modeled, mapped, lit and animated interior using movie video grabs and Westwood production painting for reference.

NOTES: This was the first model I'd created with the recently released 3D Studio MAX 1.0. Job was performed as a contractor to Mondo Media. All work was completed at my home office, transmitting images and mesh for approval via email.

Image by Mark Giambruno ©1996 Westwood Studios