Star Fleet Command II

Orion Pirates Slaver :: To ensure consistency, I tried to use the same designers for SFC2 as I had on the original project, at least for any additions to an existing race that they'd worked on. SFC alumnus Johnny Harrup provided additional Orion Pirates designs, this time working from his native Denmark. ISC Heavy Cruiser :: Here's an example of a finished ISC (InterStellar Concordium) ship. Creating the flowing lines of these ships took every polygon in the budget, but it paid off--they were the client's new favorites. ISC ship designs by Johannes Huber, texture design, modeling and mapping by Eric Chadwick. Xinti Freighter :: This is a typical set of renders sent to the client for final approval. The ship shown here is a Xinti freighter. The Xinti are another catlike race, so tiger stripes were worked into the texture designs. Xinti ship designs by Johannes Huber, texture designs, modeling and mapping by Eric Chadwick.

PROJECT: Art Directed the design, modeling and mapping of approximately forty real-time 3D ships for Interplay’s Star Fleet Command II CD-ROM game.

SOFTWARE: 3D Studio MAX, Photoshop

SCOPE: Directed the design and construction of ships for the Lyran Democrats, WYN, Xinti, Orion Pirate, Tholian and ISC races. Each race had five or six different hull designs.

NOTES: Interplay's producer on the game was very pleased with my work on the original Star Fleet Command game, and specifically asked Mondo that I be assigned to art direct the ships for this sequel.

Images (L-R) by Harrup, Chadwick, Chadwick © 2000 Interplay