The Incredibles: When Danger Calls

Box Art :: The game was designed as an Activity Center for young kids, roughly age 5-8, and consists of 10 mini-games with 21 levels of difficulty. Nearly all the games are based on situations taken from the film, and whenever possible, film reference was used in creating the 3D backgrounds. Training Mr. Incredible  :: This shot from the Training  mini-game shows the degree to which we strived to match the the look and feel of the movie as closely as possible. The backgrounds were 16-bit stills and animated elements were 8-bit Smacker movies. Frozone's Firefighter :: This mini-game is an example of original content that still had to fit in with the look and feel of the movie. Here, Frozone uses his ice blasts to extinguish flames. Interface elements were created in 2D to make sure they 'popped' and didn't get lost in the backgrounds.

PROJECT: Producer on THQ's The Incredibles: When Danger Calls PC/Mac activity center game, based on the hit film by PIXAR.

SOFTWARE: 3D Studio MAX, Photoshop, various proprietary graphics tools

SCOPE: Managed English and seven foreign language versions of the game on a very demanding schedule. Handled animation direction for most of the game and also did a substantial amount of art tweaking, rendering and graphics processing.

NOTES: One of the best things about this project was being able достопримечательности Бреста PIXAR and see The Incredibles movie taking place over the months we were doing the game. The game got high praise from our PIXAR contact for matching the look of the film.

Images © 2004 Disney/Pixar/THQ