Angel's Fang

Angel's Fang (version 1) :: This is the Japanese original. Angel's Fang (version 2) :: This is the Japanese original.

PROJECT: Edited the English adaptation of #1 bestselling Japanese crime novel author Arimasa Osawa's Tenshi no Kiba (Angel's Fang).

SOFTWARE: Microsoft Word.

SCOPE: I worked together with translator Yuki Yoshioka to edit another translation team's English adaptation of this 646-page, two-volume novel. She checked and made notes about and the original translation, while I proofread and polished the English.

NOTES: I was employed full-time during this period, so as with the Under Cover novel, this was a project I handled after work and on weekends.

Images (L-R) First and second hardbound volumes from Kobunsha © 199? Arimasa Osawa