Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

 Vacuum Device :: Starting with a client-provided Oompa-Loompa model and a reference image from the film, I built and textured the Vacuum Device and harness as a low poly model with a single 256x256 texture map. The biggest challenge was getting the texture to look like polished metal.  Vacuum Device (Rear) :: The reference image only showed the front of the Vacuum Device, so most of the detail is invented. The base texture was made by mapping the object with a reflection mapped material then unwrapping the coordinates and texture. Additional detail was then added in Photoshop.

PROJECT: Modeled low-poly Vacuum Device for the PC version of the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory game, based on the Tim Burton movie.


SCOPE: Modeled and mapped low-poly Vacuum Device for in-game use. Work done as an employee of Backbone Entertainment (now Foundation 9).

NOTES: The Oompa-Loompa model was provided by client.

Images by Mark Giambruno ©2005 Tecmo