Critical Path

Plating Room :: Critical Path meshed live action with highly detailed (for the time) 3D backgrounds. Here, Kat dangles from an overhead crane while the player tries to move her to safety over a fume-filled room full of heated electroplating tanks. I built and mapped most of the mesh on the floor of this environment.

PROJECT: Creative Director on Mechadeus' Critical Path CD-ROM game.

SOFTWARE: Word, 3D Studio R4 (DOS)

SCOPE: Pre-production: Took charge of project overall, worked with others to develop the concept. Collaborated on and edited the script. Production: Worked with wardrobe and propmaster on costume design and physical props. Post-production: Managed the artists creating models and animation, designed and modeled the interface, lit many of the 3D environments, animated some scenes and wrote the game manuals.

NOTES: Mondo's first game project, conceived over the Memorial Day weekend and delivered in early September so that Media Vision could have product for Christmas.

Image by Mechadeus ©1994 Media Vision