Detailed Resume of
Mark Giambruno

  • freelance work as an Producer/Director or 3D Artist (local or telecommute).

10/05–Now - REGION FREE – Representative/Writer/Webmaster
  • Co-adapted Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan graphic novels 1-11 into English
  • Developed website for AnimeStyle Pro
  • Co-adapted Shakugan no Shana graphic novels 2-3 into English
  • Co-adapted Shakugan no Shana: Fight Day! novel into English
  • Co-adapted Hayate the Combat Butler graphic novels 1-22 into English
  • Co-adapted Train_Man graphic novels 1-3 into English
  • Co-adapted Fullmetal Alchemist: Anime Profiles art book into English
  • Co-adapted Rurouni Kenshin: Voyage to the Moon World novel into English
  • Art tech work and production coordination on many Manga Mania how-to books
6/05–Now - BINARY ARTS – Owner
  • Built new website for Gizmo6 (in development)
  • Built new website for Kelley/McIlnay Chiropractic (in development)
  • Set up new blog for Fabulously Homemade
  • Set up new blog for Bella Cosa Papercrafts
  • Built new website for Alpine Cabinet Company
  • Built new website for ReInvent Yourself - France
  • Built new website for Sacramento Home Performance by All Year, Inc.
  • Created video presentation for memorial service
  • Built new website for Jon Sealy Construction
  • Built new website for Absolut Electric
  • Created new logo and stationery for Merritt Financial
  • Took over management of 8+ existing websites
  • Worked on website for Griffin Electric
  • Built new website for Falken Art
  • Built new website for Flipin' Properties
  • Built new website for Mac's Distributing
  • Art directed game assets for Disney's Pixie Hollow website through Gizmo6
  • Art directed game assets for Disney Princess website through Gizmo6
  • Created several PowerPoint presentations for ClearView Safety Technologies
  • Developed new personal/business website (2007)
  • Developed e-commerce website for Nelson Fine Arts
  • Created 3D reference backgrounds for Guardians of Luna anime intro
  • Created 3D illustration of safety needle for investment prospectus
  • Managed North American operations for anime publisher Super Techno Arts
1/04-6/05 - BACKBONE ENTERTAINMENT - Producer/Director/Artist
  • Produced and co-Directed The Incredibles: When Danger Calls, an Activity Center game for the PC and Mac based on the hit Pixar film.
  • Lead Animator on Maria Sharapova’s Topspin Tennis, a cellphone game. Created character poses in 3D using Poser and heavily reworked them by hand to add shading and change the female characters to male when the scope of the game was increased.
  • 3D Artist on the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory game. Built and mapped the Vacuum Device, a backpack vacuum cleaner used by the Oompa Loompas.
  • 3D Artist on Wayne Gretsky’s NHL Superskills, a cellphone game.
6/01-1/04 - BINARY ARTS - Owner
  • Wrote English graffiti for the opening sequence of the Gungrave anime series.
  • Worked with translator to rewrite Japanese copy for Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. Tools and Middleware website.
  • Directed teaser cinematic for a press event featuring THC's Punisher game.
  • Modeled a high-poly dog character and a low-poly street sweeper for Matchbox Hero City game.
  • Directed an award-winning educational CD-ROM game, Zoombinis Island Odyssey for Riverdeep/The Learning Company through ImaginEngine.
  • Worked with translators to adapt 13-episode Japanese anime JoJo's Bizarre Adventure into English for DVD release. Also timed and subtitled the series.
  • Wrote advertising copy for Super Techno Arts website.
  • Wrote 2nd Edition of my Computer Graphics & Animation book for New Riders Publishing. The 2002 edition was also published in Russian.
  • Worked with translator to adapt best-selling Japanese author Arimasa Osawa's novel Angel's Fang into English
  • Worked with translator to adapt Arimasa Osawa's novel Under Cover—the prequel to the game—into English
3/98-6/01 - MONDO MEDIA - Director/Art Director
  • Art directed pilot episode of Spiral, a Flash-based web mini show incorporating cinema-style storytelling, 3D imagery and anime character designs by Toshihiro Kawamoto (Cowboy Bebop, Golden Boy, Gundam 0083)
  • Animator on Thugs on Film, one of Mondo's Flash-based web mini shows
  • Directed and edited "upbeat" module of Mondo Media's 3D demo reel
  • Worked with translator to adapt script for Under Cover PC/Dreamcast game into English. Also directed the English voice sessions for the project
  • Directed and animated opening and closing cinematics for Firaxis Games' Sid Meier's Alien Crossfire, the sequel to his Alpha Centauri game
  • Directed modeling and mapping of ISC, WYN, Xinti, Andromedan and various other low-poly ships for Interplay/Taldren's Star Fleet Command II game
  • Directed over five minutes of high-res cinematics for Pulse (Japan) PC/Dreamcast title, Under Cover. Project made use of my knowledge of Japanese animation styles and conventions
  • Modeled several 3D characters for Sony's Hot Shots Golf 2 Playstation game
  • Supervised real-time 3D character animation for Crystal Dynamics' Japanese console game Magical Witches
  • Conceptualized and directed original opening animation for Microprose's Mechwarrior 3 game. Animation was featured as one of the best cinematics of the year at CGDC '99, where I was also a speaker. Was involved with the conceptualization and art direction of the final expanded opening animation (Unfortunately, my full-time involvement with Under Cover prevented me from directing the entire project)
  • Directed modeling and mapping of Lyran and Hydran low-poly ships for Interplay's original Star Fleet Command game
  • Co-wrote cinematics and interstitial animations for Crystal Dynamics' Akuji the Heartless game
  • Created numerous in-game graphics for Civilization: Evolution expansion pack
2/96-3/98 - BINARY ARTS - Owner
  • Created forensic animation of complex electronics manufacturing process for a patent lawsuit involving Samsung Corporation
  • Modeled several low-polygon characters for Crystal Dynamics' Akuji the Heartless game
  • Taught storyboarding and animation design classes at Computer Arts Institute
  • Built 3D model of Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) headquarters for computerized visitor information kiosk
  • Authored 540-page book, Computer Graphics & Animation: From Starting Up to Standing Out for New Riders Publishing
  • Wrote monthly animation column "Animata" and numerous product reviews for InterActivity magazine
  • Modeled 3D environment (interior of Chew's Eyeworks) for Westwood Studios' Blade Runner CD-ROM game
  • Created 3D architectural model for new Disney hotel proposal in Tokyo
3/92-2/96 - MONDO MEDIA / MECHADEUS - Creative Director/3D Artist
  • Created 3D models and rooms for CD-ROM game Zork: Nemesis
  • Author of The Official Guide to The Daedalus Encounter for BradyGAMES
  • Creative Director and co-writer of Mechadeus' FMV CD-ROM game The Daedalus Encounter (starring Tia Carrere of Wayne's World and True Lies)
  • Creative Director of Mechadeus' FMV CD-ROM game Critical Path
  • Wrote, designed and produced 2D and 3D animated presentations for Compaq, Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk and other major corporations
4/89-3/92 - BINARY ARTS - Owner
  • Designed and created animations for Microsoft's Encarta CD-ROM
  • Created NAPLPS advertising graphics for Prodigy online service
  • Created survey maps for the State of California through a client
  • Designed and painted commercial signs for local businesses
3/80-7/90 - CRC COMPANY - General Manager/Systems Designer
  • Designed custom audio/video and computer cabling systems
  • Wrote and illustrated employee technical manuals
  • Produced architectural plans and elevations
7/79-2/80 - AAA SIGN AND CRANE, INC - Assistant Art Director
  • Designed and produced commercial and electrical signs
  • Produced architectural plans and elevations

4/98-7/98 - SOKO GAKUEN
  • Japanese language courses
1/96-12/96 - SOLANO COLLEGE
  • Japanese language courses
  • Attended 3D computer animation classes
  • Courses included digital paint, storyboarding and videographics
  • Dual majors in art and electronics

  • Furnished upon request