Star Fleet Command

Ship Design :: As with most projects, the first visuals to go to the client were pencil sketches. The theme for the Lyrans was 'catlike,' so the ship designs, like this one by Johnny Harrup, tried to incorporate feline characteristics. This cruiser design looks a bit like a cat pouncing, particularly from overhead. Texture Design :: Once the pencil sketch was approved, a texture or map design was created. Some, like the one above by Leila Noorani, were created strictly with Photoshop, working over the top of the scanned sketch. However, we often found that it was faster to retouch renders of the finished model instead. Finished Model:: The finished model and texture, also by Leila Noorani. Additional catlike details worked into the texture--such as the clawlike nascelles and feline bridge windows--become apparent now. For speed and consistency, a base texture library was developed for each race and used to set the general look.

PROJECT: Directed the design, modeling and mapping of a dozen real-time 3D ships for Interplay’s Star Fleet Command CD-ROM game.

SOFTWARE: 3D Studio MAX, Photoshop

SCOPE: Directed the design and construction of ships for the Lyran and Hydran races. Each race had five or six different hull designs.

NOTES: Interplay's producer on the game liked the Lyran Heavy Cruiser so much that it was selected to be displayed prominently on the cover of the box.

Images (L-R) by Harrup, Noorani, Noorani ©1999 Interplay