3D Graphics & Animation: 2nd Edition

3D Graphics & Animation: 2nd Edition :: The original 3DGA book was a steady seller for five years, and New Riders had been trying to get me to do a revised edition for quite awhile. Employment fallout from the dot-com implosion offered me a good opportunity to finally get it done. The cover art is from Hyleyn, a multimedia graphic novel. 3DGA: 2nd Edition (Russian) :: I was quite surprised when a Russian language version of my book showed up at the door. I couldn't read it, of course, but it was fun seeing the names of friends and associates written in Cyrillic characters. The cover art is from Hyleyn, a graphic novel available in print and multimedia forms.

PROJECT: Rewrote my 1997 3D book to bring it up to date. The new title is 3D Graphics & Animation: Second Edition and it has been published in English and Russian. A low-cost English edition was also published in India.

SOFTWARE: Word, 3D Studio MAX, Photoshop

SCOPE: Completely rewrote the book, adding 200 pages of new material, including a new chapter on low-poly modeling. Redid most of the line art figures and replaced many with 3D renderings. Replaced many of the graphics in the gallery with newer works.

NOTES: All work completed at my home office. Both editions что посмотреть в Феодосии in 2002.

3D Graphics & Animation cover image ©2000 Marco Patrito/Virtual Views.
Cover design ©2002 New Riders Publishing