Mechwarrior 3

Box Art :: Because of Under Cover, I had to turn the reins on Mechwarrior 3 over to Eric Chadwick, who directed the new cinematic, the print ads and the box art above. For consistency, however, I did agree to act as art director for the major assets, including the three mechs above. Original Opening Cinematic :: One of the shots from the moody opening to the original cinematic that I directed. I was pleased to see that the shot made it into the closing montage cinematic. The original cinematic was featured in 'The Best of the Best' cinematics screening, along with notables like Blizzard's StarCraft. CGW Magazine Article :: Based on a shot from the original cinematic, I art directed this image for a cover story on Mechwarrior 3 in Computer Gaming World. Leila Noorani, Eric Ronay, Mike Jones and I made up the core team for the original opener, producing two minutes of top animation over six tough weeks.

PROJECT: Directed original opening cinematic for Microprose's Mech Warrior 3 game. Art directed mechs and environments for revised version of the cinematic.

SOFTWARE: 3D Studio MAX, Photoshop, Premiere

SCOPE: I had to recruit a new team (nearly all of Mondo's artists were busy) and create two minutes of hi-res animation in about six weeks. My roles were animation and art direction, compositing and editing.

NOTES: The original version of the cinematic was 90% complete when progress was halted due to Hasbro's acquisition of Microprose. Several months later, with a new infusion of cash, Microprose decided to have Mondo create a much larger battle in the opening cinematic, and it was almost entirely rewritten. Unfortunately, I was already busy with another large project and was only able to art direct on the new version.

Images (L-R) by various Mondo Media artists ©1999 Hasbro Interactive