Hot Shots Golf 2

Chip :: I modeled this as a partially jointed character in 3D Studio MAX, modifying stock mesh whenever possible to save time. He was mapped by another artist and looked fine as an in-game asset, but enlarged as he is here, all I can see are the spots where I would have added more detail. Sweet Tooth :: Unfortunately, I don't have a larger image of this character--this one was grabbed from an AVI of an animation test. He was modeled using modified stock mesh whenever possible, and appears as a surprise character in the game. Mapping by another artist.

PROJECT: Modeled two 3D characters for Sony's Hot Shots Golf 2 Playstation game.

SOFTWARE: 3D Studio MAX, 18 Perfect People

SCOPE: Modeled in-game jointed characters Chip and Sweet Tooth. Mapping by other Mondo artists.

NOTES: Models are a combination of custom mesh and highly modified 18 Perfect People stock mesh.

Images: Modeling by Giambruno, mapping and poses by other Mondo artists ©1999 SCOA