Alpine Cabinet (2011)

Old Alpine Cabinet Website (2007) :: This was the 'BEFORE' site, built by someone else with graphics software that also output HTML pages. Most of the photos and much of the text was also scaled improperly, resulting in jagged lines.   Alpine Cabinet Website (2011) :: This 'AFTER' website was built by Binary Arts using Joomla and the Reflex template from RocketTheme. Please visit the site to get the full effect.

PROJECT: Create replacement website for my target Alpine Cabinet Company, a Rancho Cordova, CA cabinet manufacturer and installer.

SOFTWARE: Joomla, Photoshop

SCOPE: This client's old Alpine Estimates website, created by someone else only a few years earlier with multipurpose graphics software that also output HTML pages, had issues with badly aliased ("jaggy") photos and text. Binary Arts created a Joomla site that reworked the original site's content into a polished site with large photographs that show off the company's work. The new site also served to consolidate the Iron Man Cabinets and deck installation sites the company was also operating.

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