Alien Jungle :: Spiral can be summed up as a sort of Heart of Darkness in space. This alien jungle takes the place of darkest Africa in our version. I modeled all of the assets for this shot except the mountains, and mapped everything except the mountains and tentacles, which were mapped by Britt Anderson. The Glow :: For Spiral, designs by Toshihiro Kawamoto were animated on paper by Cindy Yamauchi, then turned into Flash assets by Franz Palomares. Britt Anderson and I did the bulk of the 3D work, and he took care of 'photocompositing' the renders together to make the backgrounds. Corporate HQ :: Having spent years helping to build a world-class 3D team at Mondo, I wanted to show how 3D could still be employed in our 2D Flash mini shows. I built this scene in 3D Studio MAX, designing much of it on the fly. My goal was to have people look at Spiral and say,

PROJECT: Art Directed Flash-based pilot for Spiral, a Mondo Mini Show.

SOFTWARE: 3D Studio MAX, Flash, Photoshop, Premiere

SCOPE: Conceptualized unique look for Flash mini show, one that combined hi-res 3D backgrounds and anime-style characters. In addition to art directing the project, my responsibilities included storyboard revision, story reels, design, 3D modeling and mapping, as well as some Flash animation and editing.

NOTES: Like Under Cover, this was another great opportunity to work with top Japanese talent, Махачкала достопримечательности famed character designer Toshihiro Kawamoto of Cowboy Bebop, Gundam and Golden Boy fame.

Images: 3D by Anderson and Giambruno, 2D by Yamauchi and Palomares © 2001 Mondo Media