InterActivity Magazine

InterActivity Magazine :: My articles for InterActivity magazine--like this one on PC 3D Tools--become the springboard and some of the source material for my 3D Graphics & Animation book.

PROJECT: Contributing Editor to InterActivity magazine. Wrote ongoing monthly Animata column and periodically contributed reviews of 3D software.

SOFTWARE: Word, numerous 3D packages and utilities (for reviews)

SCOPE: The monthly Animata column was generally 2200-2500 words in length and dealt with everything from brainstorming techniques to 3D modeling and animation to post-production effects and editing. The content of the column was left to my discretion. Reviews of 3D software were usually the same length, although the PC 3D Tools roundup (see cover story) ran several issues in length.

NOTES: My columns in InterActivity led John Kane of New Riders Publishing to contact me about writing the 3D Graphics & Animation book.

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