The Official Guide to the Daedalus Encounter

The Official Guide to the Daedalus Encounter :: Aside from the fact that they didn't put my name on the cover, I was pretty happy with my first book, even if it was a hint guide. In addition to expanding the storyline, I was also able to write extensively about the making of the game. It was a nice change after such a long and difficult project.

PROJECT: Authored The Official Guide to The Daedalus Encounter, a hint book and chronicle of the making of the game. The book was published by BradyGAMES.

SOFTWARE: Microsoft Word

SCOPE: Conceptualized and wrote 288-page hint book about the CD-ROM game that I directed. To create added value and scope to the book, I expanded on the game's screenplay, designing the walkthrough section from the perspective of the gamer's character. In addition, much of the book dealt with the making of the game.

NOTES: This was my first book, and the largest writing project I had undertaken at the time, and Минеральные воды достопримечательности in only four weeks. All work was done from my home office.

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