Mplayer Gizmo

Mplayer Gizmo :: The complex rounded surfaces on this made it really tricky to model at the time. I was trying to use 3D Studio MAX, but being a 1.0 release it had some bugs that got in the way. Ultimately, it took the Illustrator splines from the designer, 3D Studio R4 (DOS) and MAX to come up with a workaround.

PROJECT: Modeled 3D interactive television-like device as the user interface for the Mplayer online gaming service (operated by Mpath Interactive). Mapping work performed by Laura Hainke. Gizmo design by Amy Jo Kim of Naima Productions and Tom Gooden of Good Dog Design. Work performed as a subcontract to Naima Productions.

SOFTWARE: 3D Studio R4, 3D Studio MAX, Illustrator, Photoshop

SCOPE: Modeled object using Adobe Illustrator drawings and production paintings from Good Dog Design for reference.

NOTES: All modeling work completed at my home office, transmitting images and mesh for approval via email.

Image by Giambruno & Hainke ©1996 Mpath Interactive