3D Graphics & Animation

3D Graphics & Animation: From Starting Up to Standing Out :: I find that writing provided a great break from my usual full-time job, directing. This tome was a very big undertaking, but gave me a good opportunity to share a lot of the things I'd learned with a much wider audience. The cover art is from Sinhka, a multimedia graphic novel on CD-ROM.

PROJECT: Wrote 3D Graphics & Animation: From Starting Up to Standing Out

SOFTWARE: Word, 3D Studio MAX, Photoshop

SCOPE: Conceptualized, outlined, wrote and created illustrated tutorials for 540-page book. Located and selected additional illustrations from 3D artists all over the world for the color gallery. A unique aspect of the book is the tutorials. Instead of the usual mini-project examples that are done and discarded, all the tutorials are used in conjunction with each other to build a single Blade Runner-style blimp that the reader can modify and include in a portfolio

NOTES: All work completed at my home office. Released in April 1997, New Riders что посетить в Евпатории was very pleased with sales, which led to a second edition.

3D Graphics & Animation cover image ©1995-96 Mohave, Virtual Views.
Cover design ©1997 New Riders Publishing