Under Cover

Under Cover (hardcover) :: This is the Japanese original. Under Cover (softcover) :: This is the Japanese original.

PROJECT: Co-wrote the English adaptation of #1 bestselling Japanese crime novel author Arimasa Osawa's Under Cover, the prequel to the Dreamcast game.

SOFTWARE: Microsoft Word.

SCOPE: I worked together with translator Yuki Yoshioka to adapt this page novel into English. She handled the first pass translation, then I rewrote it and returned it for proofreading and questions. The whole process was handled entirely by email.

NOTES: In the past, I had been involved in writing screenplays for Mechadeus' games and for some of the game cinematics work, but this project--which was done in my off-hours--was a welcome challenge to my fiction-writing skills.

Images (L) Hardbound edition from Kobunsha (R) Paperback edition from Kappa Books © 1999 Arimasa Osawa