Zork: Nemesis

Asylum Catwalks :: I built all the mesh from scratch except for the elevator. I also did much of the mapping work, with the exception of the grid pattern on the floor and ceiling, which was mapped by Laura Hainke. Boiler Room :: I modeled and mapped the pipes, valves and gauges on the left and the pump and hatch in the foreground. Gustavo 'Goose' Ramirez reused some of my mesh to complete the rest of the scene. Foo Dog Cannon :: I modeled this articulated dog-like cannon by combining simpler forms together with Booleans, then used a third-party add-on to smooth the result. The mapping is temporary. Torture Chamber :: I modeled and mapped (L-R) the Wheel of Pain, the Cage, the emasculating Codyfier, the Iron Monsieur, the Rack, and the Cage. The bloody axe is also mine, but was mapped by another artist.

PROJECT: Modeled and performed preliminary mapping of 3D objects and environments for Activision's Zork: Nemesis CD-ROM game.

SOFTWARE: 3D Studio R4, Photoshop

SCOPE: Created dozens of props and environments. My share of the images shown above (L-R): Asylum Catwalks: All modeling and most textures, except the floor. Boiler Room: Pipes and valves, pump and cistern. Castle (C): Foo Dog Cannon. Torture Chamber (R): Rack, wheel of pain, Codyfier, cage, and iron monsieur.

NOTES: After initial in-house ramp-up, completed balance of work at my home office. While I provided mapping for all mesh, in many cases dedicated mappers did additional texture work to the rooms and objects.

Images (L-R) by Hainke and Giambruno, Ramierz and Giambruno,

Mark Giambruno, Horowitz and Giambruno ©1996 Activision