Matchbox Hero City

 Street Sweeper :: I modeled this for the unreleased Matchbox Hero City in 3DS Max R4. The vehicle was only only intended to be seen from the rear, so detail on the front of the model was kept to a minimum.  Dalmation Wireframe :: Although I had created character models based on stock mesh in the past, this was the first time I had an opportunity to build one entirely from scratch. I built this medium-poly Dalmatian model so that MeshSmooth could be applied to create the final high-res result (see next image).  Dalmation Render :: The final model with texture and a MeshSmooth modifier applied. Although not seen in this view, the mouth had a full set of teeth and a tongue. The model was later rigged and animated by another artist.

PROJECT: Modeled low-poly Dalmatian and street sweeper for a game based on the Matchbox Hero City franchise.


SCOPE: Modeled and mapped low-poly Dalmatian character for cinematic and in-game use. Modeled low-poly Street Sweeper vehicle for in-game use.

NOTES: The game was eventually cancelled, but hopefully the models found their way into some other Matchbox product.

Images by Mark by Giambruno ©2002 THC, Matchbox