The Daedalus Encounter

Hub Room :: The sheer scope of the 3D and video assets required for The Daedalus Encounter rivaled a motion picture. It featured two hours of full motion video, either fully 3D animated or a combination of live action and 3D backgrounds and foreground elements. Hey! that door in the back isn't mapped yet!

PROJECT: Creative Director on The Daedalus Encounter CD-ROM game.

SOFTWARE: Word, 3D Studio R4 (DOS), Photoshop, Premiere, AfterEffects

SCOPE: Pre-production: Took charge of project overall, worked with others to develop the concept. Co-wrote and edited the script. Sketched thumbnail boards, participated in casting. Production: Worked with wardrobe and propmaster on costume design and physical props. Acted as Technical Director of the video shoot. Post-production: Managed the artists creating models and animation, performed most of the video compositing and editing, wrote the game manuals.

NOTES: The game was lauded for superior graphics, acting and video performance. It was acknowledged as one of the best  attempts at creating an interactive movie.

Image by Mechadeus ©1996 Virgin Interactive Entertainment