SMUD Building

 SMUD Atrium :: View from the front entrance towards the atrium, sans foliage. Modeled in 3D Studio MAX, the size and complexity of this model was a real challenge. I took a lot of reference photos of the building and was able to get a copy of the architectural plans and elevations, which aided in ensuring accuracy.  Energy & Technology Center :: This was one of the trickiest areas to model, in part because of the ground floor's undulating ceiling. The smoked glass on the upstairs conference room as actually segmented as shown here, but in a 3D render it ends up looking like I skimped on polygons. Not so!  Energy & Technology Center, Upstairs :: The upstairs conference room is visible in the back, and the staircase is in the foreground. To the left is a portion of the glass elevator. The ceiling actually  had a segmented look to it, as shown in the foreground.

PROJECT: Modeled and mapped 3D architectural model of the SMUD (Sacramento Municipal Utility District) building in Sacramento, CA. Work performed as a subcontract to Artbot for an interactive kiosk project.

SOFTWARE: 3D Studio MAX, Photoshop

SCOPE: Modeled, mapped and lit interior of structure, using architectural plans and photographs for reference.

NOTES: Visited and photographed completed building, constructing scale model based on photographs, measurements and plans. All work completed at my home office, transmitting images and mesh for approval via email.

Images by Mark Giambruno ©1997 SMUD